I wanted to watch my wife getting fucked by another man and didn't really knowe where to start, well that was until I told my wife about this little fantsay and she came back with a million and one places to find contacts LOL, first one being her best friend that knew about a cuckold escort !!

I was really surprised when my wife agreed when I said about watching her getting fucked by other guys and the idea of getting a cuckold escort ( I found out later I was reffered to as a cuckold husband) seemed a easy way around this, although after paying to have some guy or escort fuck her had I known about cockold sites I would have just joined up and saved my £100

We found out about this guy from one of my wives girlfriends as she'd used him as well so contacted him, told him the deal which was to come here fuck my wife whilst I watched and he told me he's done this for a few cuckold husbands and that was the first time I'd heard the term

He got round about 8ish and really wasn't sure how to handle this so left everything in his hands, so to speak, he asked my wife what type of cuckold husband I was? was I a submissive type, dommering husband or just someone to sit in the corner and not say anything, thankfully my wife said I'd just sit in the corner, probably with my cock or camera in hand so we all went upstaires & I took my cuckold role in the corner whilst an escort start playing with my mrs!

I didn't take long before they were both stripped and my wife was sat on the edge of the bed whilst he was knewling between her legs licking her shaven fanny and from the way she was growning enjoying every secound of it! pulling his head right into her fanny and all I could hear was the sound of him licking her cunt and her getting wetter and wetter

He came up every now and then almost to get air but she soon pushed him back down saying how good he was and she'd already cum twice and wanted more so licking her harder I could tell she was ready to cum again which soon happened but after this time she pushed him back and telling him to stand up started to play with his cock

I so wanted to go over and join them and have a threesome but knew that wasn't on the cards as the cuckold escort told us he would not do MMF thressome, two women thats fine but he'd had a bad time with a MMF threeway once before and never again

Watching my wife sucking this escorts cock was really horny first she pulled his forskin back which was a bit of a novetie for her as I'm certustised then licking around his cock she soon took him all the way back and he started to fuck her mouth with his hands behind her head he was really giving it to her hard, must harder than I would ever do

she then pulled back and bending over the bed so I could see he came up behind her and slowly pushed his cock into her fanny and started to fuck her, it was so horny that by now I had my cock out and was wanking off as well and it didn't take any time for me to cum but the escort was still banging my wife hard

He pulled back and moving her onto the bed pulled her legs wide apart and moving in posstion carrie don fucking her, she soon moved her hands onto her legs and pulled them right up so he could fuck her deep which made her cum in next to know time at all, sortly afterwards he came as well

After we sat downstaries and had a drink before leaving and I then told my wife about this cuckold website I'd found and that I'd joined up so we could meet other males or bulls as I now know they are called

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