Gay Dogging, Cottaging or Gay Crusing locations around the UK, what ever you want to call it basically if you need some man-on-man action, whether it's a gay guy in a local toilet that wants a blow job or if you're up for the risk a fuck in the cubicle!

"Know the law on Gay Dogging, Gay Cottaging Gay Cruising or outdoor sex!"

The laws regarding Gay Dogging (gay cottaging, cruising or just any type of gay outdoor sex whether in a gay guys car or public toilet) are in place to protect the public from witnessing sexual behaviour or from being harassed or intimidated in their use of public spaces or facilities. This applies to both Dogging between male & female or gay cottaging/guys checking out toilets.

So sex in public toilets, parks or places where other passers-by may be offended is illegal under s71 Sexual Offences Act 2003 and it really depends on the Police and their attitudes as to whether they will actively persue users of gay dogging locations.

The problem being that over the past few years many public toilets have been closed so gay guys have either turned to sites like ours or visited local gay saunas for a bit of fun, but with a gay club or sauna is it doesn't offer that sense of danger that both gay & straight people enjoy while having sex in toilets or public places.

So in short, if you are going to go to a local toilet to try and pick up a gay guy just make sure you can't be spied upon and be extremely careful, plus don't forget that many gay dogging locations are also used by straight couples.

(please note these are both gay & straight dogging locations)

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