Free Swingers Website - genuine UK free contacts website!....honest its really free find out just why... We've all seen it before the offers of something being FREE only to be let down when you click the join button and you find out it wants details of your credit card...yep

I've been there along with anyone else that use the internet for just about any type of site, not just adult contacts....Why should you become a member to our swingers site rather than any other? Well it's simple we offer you much more for free! Of course you still have to sign up and become a member but after that you get all this free:

Its this lack of trust that has meant that many these days when they see something is advertised as FREE they don't beleve it........well trust me, we are and I can prove it to you by clicking the join link and checking out what happens

The reason we can offer free membership is down the types of memberships we offer. These are split over 2 types the members that join for FREE and the PAID ones. The paid members have more features and the process of meeting with couples is fast and easy, but you do have to pay to open these features. Free members can and do meet up with free swingers you just have to work a little harder

Posted below are details of the free & paid memberships one first

  • Profile space to upload your free swingers advert
  • Unlimited space for photos & videos
  • Free email account and 10 free emails to be sent per day
  • Basic profile search
  • Access members profiles and view single large image
  • Access forums, chatrooms, message boards and new swingers facebook pages
  • Free swingers blogs
  • Flirt messages
  • Rate members photos
  • Read clubs reviews & information

Paid & VIP members

  • Unlimited amount of emails & can send messages to all members
  • View all members photos as large images & videos
  • Perform advance search helping you find local contacts faster
  • Webcam Chatroom with other swingers that have webcams
  • View members online "NOW" ideal for instant meets
  • Send unlimited messages to free members

See, so many reasons to join! but more so than that is the thousands of members we have going right across the UK & Europe

..........Struggling to find contacts ? look no further than Swingers 247 for local information of sites & contacts