Welcome to free Personals Swingers websites, if your looking for free contacts and adult Ads then you've found the best palace! We offer free swingers contacts and personals ads to the swinging community going right across the UK & Europe

Whilst this a free site to use the advance features you will have to pay, but basic membership is completely free

So before you go any further I've just a few basic tips to hopefully make your time using this Swinging Personals site more fun and enjoyable

One of the biggest mistakes people make after joining a swingers personals website is they rush into placing a profile up thinking maybe if its not done FAST they will loose contacts or maybe someone is online that "may" just see my profile ! well think again !!

Most of the members that use this site will return at least a couple times a week normally first looking for county search to see the new profiles added or doing some type of members search depending on what keywords you've added into your profile and some very active members will return every day, so before you jump into getting a profile online consider these tips on your swingers personals ad

Detailed below are what I class as the main reasons some swingers personals ads will get more replies than other and what you need to consider when adding a profile.

  • photos, any photos but at least something
    when your account is set up we give you unlimited space to add as many photos, videos and even sound files onto your personals ad. Some members take advantage of this and will post loads of great photos and if they don't want to show faces will blank them out! - so when your adding a personals ad use the space to post up photos, it will mean more swingers will contact you. And if you've only got a naff camera phone have a chat to a friend and borrow theirs, after all you don't have to say what its for!
  • heading "wanna meet up"
    would that make you click on their profile ! nope! put a little thought into your heading, after all when members are using the searching feature on the site the first thing they will see is your photo, next will be your heading so post something that will grab their attention and make them want to find out more about you. For example "Couple Hampshire, Gosport looking for couples". this tells you where they are and what they want, much better than "wanna meet up" !!!.
  • description - tell people about yourself
    why is it some people assume swingers are mind readers! and post swinging personals ads with next to know information. Tell people about yourself, what your looking for, what's your turn on's or OFF's after all if you post what your looking for your going to stand a far better chance of getting good replies and hopefully meeting up with members

If you follow these guidelines you can be sure you'll have members reading your profile and contacting you, so don't rush into getting a swingers personals ad live ASAP read what others are posting spend time reading profiles and you'll soon know what's needed to make your ad attract other swingers

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