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The UK cuckold scene has really turned around the need for single males within cuckold sites, after all it wasn't that long ago if you were a single and joined a swingers site you'd be lucky to get any action, thats now changed, due to cuckold adverts and more so if your a bisexual male wanting to meet with cuckold couples

More cuckold couples than every before are searching for bisexual males or to give them there correct term "bulls" and this is for one reason alone so wives can sit back and watch there husbands performing either forced cock sucking or bi acts and whilst these are normally approved by the husband in the bulk of cases used within role playing forced sex

It always used to be the case that the term bi swingers would apply to wives & girlfriends where the husbands wanted to watch the wives, but this has changed and now its more so used within the cuckoldry swinging scene where wives want to watch there husbands performing cock sucking or clean up where bulls have cum inside the wife and husband is made to eat / lick cum from her cunt

To give you some idea of whats on offer I've placed some sample adverts placed by couples where the husband is bisexual and also single males thats are looking for cuckoldry meets

magycuck - Use my husband whilst I watch - hi thanks for reading my advert, I'm writing this ad as my husband is so worthless he can't even sort this properly. We are looking for bisexual males so that I can have some fun at my hubbies expense as he's not bi but will do as I order him too and one of these things will be making him suck your cock so you need to be happy with this. I will also want Bareback Sex as I will want him to lick cum from my cunt after you've cum inside me. We are a couple that are both in our thirties and would be after bi males of a similar age
bobbiecpl - Clean male thats looking for bi contacts or Cuckold couple - I'm slim male thats looking for local contacts ( married so can't travel far) for cuckold sex. I'm bi and happy to have your husband perform oral sex on me either before, during or after I've cum, but sorry NO anal. I'm not into fucking husbands or visa versa! I'm also interest in hearing from other bi males for oral only meets as I do love sucking a guys cock and will have you cumming in seconds as I'm extremely good LOOL
myhotwife - cuckold bitch wife - I'm slim, sexy and a complete bitch to my whimp husband, but there again if he was have the man I married I wouldn't be needing to contact other males for sex would I! My ideal meet would be with a bull / male that will help me show him what a real good fucking is about and then to teach him a lesson have him lick / suck cum from your cock after you've cum inside me. I MAY let him eat your cum from my pussy but it depends if he's been a good cock sucking husband or not
lovescucksex - bi male looking for Cuckold couples - Hi, I'm a bi male that LOVES the cuckold scene more so when wives enjoy abusing husbands by making straight males suck cock. There's nothing more fun than looking down and watching a husband trying to suck a cock without feeling that he's going to turn gay. I know a lot of cuckold couple role play where the husband is bisexual but I like to meet with wife where they want to push the hubby that extra bit further and force him to suck cock. does this sound interesting to you ? if so contact me and lets chat - for the right couple I'm more than happy to travel to meet up

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