Looking for Dogging advice? Help on spotting dogging contacts?? or really just clueless as to what to do at UK outdoor locations .....in that case read on

If theres one thing for certain the UK dogging scene is extremely active with thousands of couples hitting the various locations and even despite police and local authorities doing there best to stop us they are failing .........GREAT ;o) But what has changed is the way people find out about sites and also get advice as now its all about forums, chatrooms & private message boards

A lot of people turn towards messages boards to ask for advice from anything from what to take along or or to stop dogging couples and its with this in mid that I wanted to post a guide so that non members could read the dogging advice and hopefully it may help them out a little if your new to dogging ...needless to say you couple always join us ;o) and posted below are some members photos along with free access to all local contacts

Dogging advice, tips & a dogging guide made by couples that enjoy the UK scene ...These tips maybe repeated a little as I've copied these directly from the message board

  • If you've arranged online to meet with a dogging contacts its a good idea to head out during the daytime and check it out first.. It may sound a bit clinical, but least you'll have some idea of just what your walking into and have an idea on what to expect...plus don't forget at night things look a hell of a lot more different i
  • Make sure the people your meeting with know your limitations
    and/or aspirations and then stick to them.. Do as much as you feel comfortable with and if at a later stage you want to try more you can always return to the site .Also if dogging as a couple set up a signal as a way of telling your partner you've had enough and want to head home.
  • Planning your meet !!! the advent of dogging & swinging sites means people can posts locations and pre arrange to meet, these are by far a better way to meet as you can swap personal details such as car details and even swap photos, this can avoid a lot of embarrassment should you approach the wrong car..Also by talking online you can arrange to meet in smaller, less published locations and whilst you'll probably have few dogging voyeurs but you'll also be in a less chance of police turning up
  • The dogging site - know your location consider were your going to park, how well do you know the site and where's the best look out to see anyone approaching and a dummy run is always a good idea
  • like all good girl guides or boy scouts "Be prepared" this applies for dogging so you'll need things like
    - condoms ( don't do bareback dogging thats CRAZY)
    - wet wipes, trust me you'll be glad you had something to wide "something " on
    - disposal bags? no one likes to see used condoms everywhere, its what draws the attention of police and councils when complaints come in
    - make sure your mobile is charged
  • If your not going for a pre arrange meet then be prepared to wait around for a bit although its been a long time since I've head off without knowing someone is waiting to meet up.. Also don't forget if your heading to an 'advertised' locations you can be pretty sure others will be around mostly males.. If your at a quieter location then be ready to for long periods of time ...I find taking the ipod with me helps or just logging into this site on my mobile and seeing if anyone wants an instant meet ...I've meet with some good contacts by just posting up in the forums the locations and my car details
  • I always take a drink with me ...it can get thirsty especially during the summer
  • When you approach with car do it with care care and know the signals to look for when couples are dogging these can be
    - Putting your interior light on, this tends to mean for voyeur sex only / other watching you
    - Flashing headlights or breaks
    - Back windows open or doors
  • Make sure you leave anything of any value in your car and NOT under the drivers seat its the first place someone looks and a good place is the boot or glove box
  • Find good places to park and your preferred spot and i personally like to reverse into the parking space that way I can see whats coming my way and driving into the car park, plus if something should go wrong its easier to drive away in a hurry

These are a few of the recent postings I've seen in the message board ...should i see any others I'll post them here, but being inside the members section does mean if you see a question posted or asked you can respond ...plus one of the great features about using a members only forum / chatroom is that you can help others as you see above with some of the free dogging advice offered by other members

..........and theres lots more inside the members section, join us NOW