I think you'll agree thats one VERY greedy East Sussex dogging wife...that photo was posted after a member arranged a bukkake dogging meet for his horny wife and as you can see it was a success

Whilst you don't often see members posting up for bukkake dogging meets when they do get posted up within the forums they always attract a lot of attentions especially in this case from dogging contacts in East Sussex

The idea behind a bukkake outdoor meet is a location is posted and then males will arrive and once the group is fully their they will take turns to wank over the dogging wife, mostly cuming over her tits but as in this case she wanted guys to cum in her mouth ......VERY greedy and I wish I was there

If you want to meet meets like this or find East Sussex Dogging Locations then join us today and access forums and community boards for details on locations - sample details posted below

  • Brighton Car Park Dogging - Dukes Mound / The Temple. Located next to Brighton Marina, Dukes mound stretches for about a quarter of a mile with lots of hiding places with a big temple at one end. This place is popular 24 hours a day, although note, lot's of gay dogging action here.
    - Brighton's infamous Nudist Beach, conveniently located directly in front of Dukes Mound is extremely popular with doggers, voyeurs, etc., but make sure you don't offend the naturists.
  • Churlwood park - Charlwood park tonight anyone? by the main A22 from Wych Cross and just find the Bluebell railway is and your there  
  • Devils Dyke - Devils Dyke is a well known and major dogging site, off the A24 towards Brighton and also extremely well patrolled by the police - its still popular just be careful. Personally I would meet up, then drive to somewhere more quitter
  • Ditchling Common - Ditchling Common is just south Wivelsfield Green. At dusk head into the many wooded areas for regular dogging sessions on the picnic tables there and further on by the lake.
  • Eastbourne  - My wife will wank guys off whilst I take photos - we use Friston Forest and just head along the main A22 Eastbourne then at Polegate towards Friston and then look for Friston Forest.  
    - Is the picnic site at Prince William Parade being used anymore? I heard about meets but I've been along and it seems pretty dead other than a couple of guys which i think were gay and not my thing
    - Friends Clump dogging? We are a couple that meet up around Ashdown Forest off the A22 then look for Friends Clump, if your not sure sends me a message and I'll let you know when we'll next be there
    - Arlington speedway meets this weekend anyone? - easy to find just head down A22 onto Arlington rd then the speedway carpark
    - I was at Lamb public house layby then over to the forest last night great night. You may have to wait around for a bit but its worth it
  • Pevensy / Bexhill - try the layby on Marsh Rd going between Pevensy and Bexhill, if you know where the model fliying club meet then you'll know the layby - Watch my wife sucking two guys off last night and if its dry tonight may head out there again
  • Friston - Friston Forest. Going down the A22 towards Eastbourne take the right at Polegate towards Friston, then keep going for about 3 miles until you reach Friston Forest on the right hand side. Well secluded, with a good chance of catching some car fun during the weekend evenings.
  • Hastings - Hastings Country Park - top car-park. Busy on Friday nights.
    - Meets by the lamb public house layby then onto the forest for some fun...drop me a line and can sort something out

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