Lets be honest as male swingers we really would like to know what female swingers are fantasying about ......least would, well now we have the low down on swingers fantasies

As guys we may think we know what our wife or G/F wants but do we really know? well lets put it this way as a married swinger I thought I knew .............but I was wrong

Detailed below is survey we recently conducted where we asked our female swingers about there sexual fantasies and I don't mean the ones husbands & boyfriends want them to be .........although you may well be surprised - Full details of this swinging survey is within the members section, thats free to join .

Within the members section we often set up polls & surveys as these are a great insight into the swinging scene and we recently asked our female members just what made YOU want to swing & what do you fantasise about

The results are interesting and the full survey is within the members section thats free to access, so join us and start reading other surveys and reviews we have within the members section...........and we really are FREE to join

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  • Domination - Domination, whilst the idea of you dominating her may well turn you on it won't come as any surprise that a lot of women yearn for there male contact to tie them up and dominate them
  • Strap on - Flip it over and the idea of your wife or partner putting a strap on and making you feel what its like to be fucked is right up at the top of female swingers fantasias
  • Role Playing - spank me teacher! the idea of dressing up to please your man is something that its not just guys think about as women love to dress normally in a naughty school girls or maids outfits
  • cuckold - cuckold me, the idea of women having sex with a stranger whilst you watch and play the role of cuckolded husband is one of the top sexual fantasies, No-strings-attached but making sure your watching is the biggest sexual genres we have
  • Threesomes - Threesomes, thankfully its not just us guys that think about 3way sex but when asked most women would prefer a FFM threesome that another male joining them, but I think thats down to a lot of female swingers being bisexual
  • Voyeurism - knowing that they can't come closer but can watch, if you think wives or girlfriends don't like being watch think again! probably one of the reason dogging is so popular

for full details of this swingers fantasies survey just join us then check out the forums section and read what others have been saying about these surveys and whether they agree or not, personally I think the are bang on the money