Swinging can be exciting, a turn on, a chance to explore your sexuality & to find out more about what turns you on!

  • Do you like the idea of having sex with several people, with no strings attached?
  • Want the chance to explore your fantasies with like-minded people?
  • Love having the intimacy and long-term commitment of your partner, but don't want to miss out on the opportunity for sexual exploration and variety?

If this sounds like something you'd like to try, the increasingly popular lifestyle known as 'swinging' could be for you.

What's so shocking about swinging anyway? Why should society be outraged by the idea of consenting adults having recreational sex, with the full knowledge, consent and often participation of their partner? Isn't this kind of open, frank relationship far preferable than the lying and deceit involved in affairs?

With over 2 million members and growing every day it doesn't matter what type of swingers contacts your after and if your a newbie swinger and just want to have a look around we have a loads of interactive features where you can chat online and get involved with out actually meeting up should you prefer.......well least at first, after all thats why new swingers turn to us to meet up and have some fun

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