FUCKING HELL - I've heard and indeed read loads of stories with dirty housewives but this is the first one that's been sent in to us........... great story and I know who I'm going to track down if I ever go to Dunstable, although outdoor sex .........Mmmm could be fun

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OK let me say I'm a horny dirty housewife that adores SEX and the more dirtier the better although I do draw a line at anything involving pain. I just love DIRTY SEX and that's it

It started a few years back when my husband just stopped fucking me! we still slept together and loved each other but the sex just stopped. I didn't want to leave him but on the other side of things also need sex as I'd always had a very strong sex drive

So after months without a good fucking and getting really fed up streaming porn movies, using sex webcam's and using sex toys I needed a cock and fucking quickly, so one afternoon after a bottle of wine hit the internet and started looking at the sex contacts & swingers website's and found Swingers 247 so thought why not and hit the join button

I posted my ad up and a few very dirty photos and was just about to leave when I saw this guys profile from my own town of Dunstable and according to the system he was online, so i thought why not and sent him a flirt message

I got a reply back and he asked if I wanted to meet up !!! but as it was my first time I was a little nervous so asked if he wanted to meet for a drink during his lunch as he was working or at least supposed to be.

We arranged to meet at this bar and I got their at 1 almost at the same time as him!! we chatted for a while and as time was going on arranged to meet later but I needed cock and told him to meet me round the back of the pub by the bins.

When I got round their I pulled my knickers off and just at that time he came round the corner and I told him to shove his hand up my skirt. First he put one finger in me then anther but I was so wet my cunt was soaking up his finger and I undid his pants and he looked at me and told me I really was a dirty little bitch which just made me worse and pulled his cock out and turned round and told him to fill me up soaking wet cunt !!!

He started fucking me and I was almost cumming straight away !! and soaking his trousers with my juices and pulling harder and harder back onto his cock. With this I knew he was going to cum soon and as I'd already cum twice turned around and bent over and told him " I'm a dirty housewife, so shoot your load over my face" as I knew it was a fantasy for his to fuck dirty women knew this would soon make him cum - which it did !!! he soaked me and I had to use my fingers to wipe my face with my fingers and lick all his fresh cum off every finger and if it had not been for him needing to go back to work I could have fucked him again as his cock was already starting to jump back into life, manly due to me having to have one more blowjob LOL

Since then I've had him and loads of other guys in locations all around Dunstable and now prefer sex outdoors rather than in although I kept away from the Dunstable dogging locations as I prefer places that are a little more risky

So if you looking for dirty housewives then head towards Dunstable ;o)

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