Submitted by Bill who is a 36 year old single gay guy from Bognor Regis, who tells us about using Swingers 24/7 to find a local cottaging place.

Fancy trying cottaging?like most things its not what you know...but who you know or in our case the members that know all the best & safest cottaging locations .....check out whats on offer by using the link below

Note - as a member you will be able to refine the search to only display gay / bi males that are looking for cottaging sex....and considerring membership is free won't cost you anything

Let me first say I'm no author and TBH have only recently come out of the closet so I'm a newbie Gay Guy as well - so you don't get much more inexperienced or greener than me!! I found Swingers 247 when I was looking around for Gay dating sites or maybe even a Bi guy, as I didn't want to come over as being a prat with another gay guys more experienced.

So I signed up and completed my profile and was surprised how many other gay guys were looking around for dates and chatting in the chat rooms about meeting up but as I'm a chicken I couldn't pluck up the courage to chat.

When I was reading some of the profiles they were chatting about cottaging and outdoor sex normally in some local car park or public loo and this one guy in Manchester seemed really knowledgeable so I dropped him a note and to my surprise he replied back almost straight away with tips & things to try out, so I thought stuff it lets give this a go!

I waited in till 11pm then drove down town to this loo that I'd seen some writing on the walls from other guys looking for meets so I thought that would be a good starting point. I went into one of the toilets and was amazed to see a whole in the wall YES!!! this could get interesting.

I sat around for a while and few people came in and out and each time my heart jumped then this guy came into the next cubicle to me and it didn't take long before he poked a peace of paper through the hole in the toilet on it it just said " want r u into" nothing else didn't even want to know my name, so I just put anything and poked it back - shit what was I supposed to say - being my first cottaging gay sex I don't know!! He then poked it back asking if I wanted to suck him off though the hole in the wall! Needless to say I said yes!!!!!

What a great way to get a nice fat cock in my month without having to go through the dating process. That was the first of many trips to that public loo and I've lost count of the amount of different cocks I've sucked off and had the pleasure of cum sliding down my throat - yum yum

But I've also now moved onto other things from my cottaging days, although I do still pop in just to keep my month in action so to speak, but as I've had a few replies to my ads and have even met up with a guy last week for a drink and next week we are going out to a local gay club, another first time experience for me - should be FUN!!!!!


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