Submitted by Susan 45, & Len 51, who are a wife swapping couple from Perth, Scotland who tell their story of how they got into the wife swap scene! and there first wife swop

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Ok, at first I was confused when my husband suggested trying a wife swap, I thought he meant the television program, but then he said no wife swapping! I couldn't believe he would be looking into something like that. But then when I though about it more after he had explained that he just felt that at our time of life we could get much more out of our sex life. He assured me that did still love me and nothing was ever going to change that.

He said that he's been reading about it on a wife swapping website called Swingers 247 and although he referred to it as wife swapping the modern term seems to be swingers. He then showed me the site, he hadn't registered as he didn't want to do anything without me, so we decided to sign up and create our profile together. At first we really weren't sure what to put, so we just filled in the form as best we could and submitted it. That got us into the main swingers section and we started looking at what some of the other members had written.

I was very surprised at just how many couples there were listed and mostly they all sounded normal, just like us. Now I'm no prude but I had never dreamt that "this sort of thing" was so popular. I mean married couples having 'open' relationships, could it work? Wouldn't you get jealous? I suppose this is better than having an affair but could I allow my husband to fuck another woman and could I let another man touch me? Afterall Len and I have been together for 20 years and I've never even thought of another man.

I needed a break from this to think, so we called it a night and went to bed. My mind was reeling but Len cuddled up to me as he always did which made me feel safe and he repeated that nothing would ever stop him loving me and if I really wasn't sure about this wife swapping lark then we would not mention it again, he didn't want to upset or scare me. However as he drifted off to sleep I couldn't stop thinking about it and I actually found myself getting turned on at the thought of actually going ahead with a wife swap session. I started fantasising about meeting a couple, having a few drinks and then tried to imagine how it would feel touching another man and having him touch my intimate bits.

We didn't mention the wife swapping again until the weekend, when Saturday night we again sat down in front of the computer with bottle of red wine and some nibbles. As the wine mellowed us we read through some more of the members profiles and we both got very sexually excited as we read what other couples said they liked to do! At some point I found myself with my hand rubbing my clit while my other hand found and released Len's swollen cock. We had sex there in front of the computer with a photo of one of the swinging couples staring back at us from the screen.

When we'd finished, what was quite possibly the most explosive orgasms we've both had for some years, we sat back down and decided to make contact with a few localish couples to see if they would be prepared to meet with us, soft swinging at first as a gentle introduction to the wife swapping scene..........

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