Where to begin, my wife has always been a dominant women and since getting into the swingers scene this has only but got stronger…We started out as a couple just wanting to meet with others but it wasn’t long after joining that she drifted into the cuckold scene and now she’s the dominant one and this is about the first time she watched me sucking another guy off

We live in The West Midlands and it was pretty apparent that the local cuckold scene wasn’t quite and Theresa was loads of males wanting to meet up and fuck my wife and for some months we were meeting black males, white guys even a few asian males most weekends and then one night whilst watching my wife she suggested that I licked cum from her pussy after she’d just been fucked….At first I said NO..FUCK OFF …then she told me either I do or I’ll never watch her having sex with other guys again and that was the start of it

It was one night and I’d just got home to find Karen chatting in the cuckold forum no great surprise there as she spent most of her free time chatting to guys and arranging meets but this time I was a bit taken back when she told me “ right, we are going out” at first I assumed it was to a guy place so she could fuck him, but not this time ” I’m going to watch you sucking another guy off, and if your lucky I may let him cum in your mouth

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Whilst I’d licked cum from her pussy before the idea of sucking another guy off whilst my wife watched was something I’d never considered and whilst the idea turned me on I didn’t let it onto my wife!!  It was then her phone went with details of a hotel room and the address in Coventry was he was staying so we headed out.

I was really feeling quite nervous heading out to the hotel and didn’t have a clue what this guy was like, or if he was bi, gay or just curious but its also excited me like crazy and an odd twist of the table as I was used to watching my wife having sex NOT her watching..Once at the hotel we parked up and headed straight in and towards the room and my wife knocked on the door and Peter greeted us at the door and smiling offered his hand towards me and we shook hands…odd I’ve never shaken hands with a guy that I’m just about to suck his cock off before lol 

Walking into the room my wife followed and Tom had a beer ready for me “ I think you may need this, most of the guys that are first timers are pretty nervous and those don’t have the wives watching there every move” I breathed out a sigh of relief and had a good drink and it did help relax me. We walked over towards the sofa and Karen sat in a chair not saying a thing … She was sat directly opposite me and it was clear she was going to watch EVERYTHING that happened and sat along side sofa and Peter casually was chatting away "we’ll take this as fast as you want, I know your wife contacted me, but how about we just forget shes watching? “ seemed fine by me and with that Peter undid the top of his jeans and lowered his zip to show off a semi hard cock I was still fully dressed and I wasn’t that interested in getting my cock out so Peter stood up in front of me and allowed his jeans to fall to the floor

Stepping out of his jeans he was now standing directly in front of me, and it was clear that my wife couldn’t see what was going on so she moved the chair around so she could get a  better view of my first oral. His cock was about 8 inches and quite slim and moving closer Peter said “ don’t worry, just suck my cock you know you want to”  my heart was racing and I let just the tip inside my mouth and teased the end of his foreskin with my tongue " Mmmm that’s good, see your making me hard already” and his cock began to harden in front of me and returning back to sucking him I opened my mouth wider and he pushed his cock softly past my lips and into my mouth

I could see my wife was loving it and her hand had drifted between her legs and whilst I couldn’t see she was obviously fingering herself…Peter looked around and asked if he was going to have some of that pussy later and Karen opened her legs “what his you mean” and he laughed and turned his attentions back to my oral attempts

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